Monday, July 26, 2010

Project 10 Pan / No Buy ~ Beauty/Makeup Edition

So I know I'm not one to blog a lot, but I figured this would be a good way to get my thoughts down on... er, "paper" and organize some beauty-related goals I'd like to set for myself.

First of all, I'd like to note the recent completion of my Project 10 pan. I actually ended up finishing 18 products (including hair, skin, makeup and body products) and noticed some things along the way. I don't consider myself a makeup "hoarder", but I definitely have more products than I really need. I have an odd fear of running out of essential items, so I re-purchase them before they run out. That being said, I'm not one to have 10 different foundations or multiple mascaras (other than maybe a mini, strictly for purse use and another to keep at my boyfriend's house), etc. On the other hand, I have been known to be a complete lip product whore and tow up to 10 lip products in my purse at one time. There are obvious trends in my over-buying patterns and I'd like to recognize those in my re-arranged project 10 pan. Project 10 pan helps me for a number of reasons that may deem me mentally unstable...

1) I love buying makeup and beauty products
2) I like to keep a safety stock of essential items, as mentioned above. I hate running out of things I can't do without.
3) I hate clutter.
4) I enjoy consolidating.
5) I like to try to keep things simple.
6) I like to have options
7) I hate feeling like I have too much of something. This pushes me to use more product than I normally would, to "use up" this excess product.
8) I hate wasting things.

Now that you're backing away slowly, let me move forward with my thoughts on re-vamping this P10P.

Since I recognize there are products I would "abuse" if I were really trying to use them up and others that I would be a hot mess without, I need to separate each product into categories.

Let's start with products that can't be supplemented for something else (ie: toothpaste.. mouthwash just isn't going to cut it). These are the items I may have multiples (the same or different) of, but can't do without. These are also items I tend to avoid hoarding, for whatever reason. I will exclude ABSOLUTE essentials, such as deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, etc, etc. This will be the list of items that will be ok to re-purchase if I run out before P10P is completed:

1) Tinted Moisturizer/ Foundation
2) Face Wash
3) Face Primer
4) Eye Shadow Primer
5) Black Eyeliner
6) Black Mascara
7) Concealer
8) Nail Polish Remover
9) Eye Cream
10) Face Moisturizer
11) Face Scrub
12) Face Powder/ Setting Powder
13) Sunscreen
14) Top Coat/ Base Coat

Now, let's get to the items that can be substituted for other items I have. Most of these aren't even used up quickly. I have too much of these items. These are the things I tend to over-buy and possibly "hoard":

1) Eye Shadow
2) Blush
3) Lipstick, Lip gloss, etc
4) Bronzer
5) Highlighter
6) Nail Polish
7) Self Tanner
8) Body Lotion
9) Shower Gel
10) Body Scrub
11) Hair Products (Other than Shampoo, Conditioner and 7Seconds)

The first category of items are things I will allow myself to replace, if I happen to run out of them before my P10P is completed. These items will count towards my 10 items to finish.

The second category of items are things I will restrict myself from buying more of until I complete P10P.

One last thing... I will have the option to extend my Project 10 Pan beyond 10 items, should I feel the urge.

Now that you clearly see how crazy I am, let's get started!

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